Our search services

We have 13+ years experience working with a range of technologies and many aspects of search; from search engine R&D to deploying large, complex and mission-critical search solutions to leading businesses in Japan, the United States and Europe across a range of industries.

We can help with most aspect of search across a wide range of applications, and some of these technical areas are outlined below.

As visionary engineers, we realise that today's business models often are largely technology-driven. We are also pleased to help you with how you should apply search technologies to your business for maximum business impact and value.

Solution architecture and design

We can help architect and design your overall search solution for scalability, fault-tolerance, and simple and safe operations once your system is in production.

We have many years of experience designing and deploying search solutions across a wide range of industries and applications.

Ranking, linguistics and schema

Ranking and linguistics are important aspects of search to make sure users find what they are looking for.

We will make sure your search engine is fully ready according to your needs based on best-practices. We have extensive experience searching in many languages and we are experts searching Japanese.

We will set up text analysis to match your application's needs and we can also utilize lexical assets that you or we have available to provide advanced features such as search synonyms, lemmatization, compound segmentation and more for a range of languages.

If your solution will benefit from further customization or custom development, we can also help with that.

Content quality, metadata and enrichment

Additional to linguistics, making sure content is prepared in a high-quality manner and that any available metadata is utilized is important for a high-quality overall search experience.

We can help prepare your content for search and we can also enrich content with metadata such as categories, named entities, etc. based on text-only data.

Content connectivity, security and integration

Content to be indexed may reside in a variety of locations and formats in todays diverse IT environments.

We set up connect connectivity so that your content can be indexed easily from files, databases, web servers, content management systems (CMSs) and other systems. We can also help with security to make sure the search solution is secure and up to date with your enterprise security credentials.

If an existing connector cannot easily handle your data, we can also develop a custom connector.

Safe technology migrations

If you want to migrate from one search technology to another, i.e. from a legacy technology to a new solution, we will help make sure your existing solution can be migrated easily and safely to your new search technology.

We can also help make sure your existing application will work with only a few and in some cases no modifications when moving to a new search engine backend.

Search business innovation

Many of today's online business models are largely technology-driven. Search is a business enabler and plays a key role in terms of how users finds products they would like to buy, which content they are shown, and how they interact with your site overall through the browser, which might be driven by search behind the scenes.

We are more than happy to help you apply search to your business to meet your business goals. We bring technical knowledge to the table and you bring your business experience. When business ideas and technical ideas meet, innovation tend to happen and we can help you with an execution plan for your new business opportunity.