Our goal at Atilika is to be at the technical forefront of search solutions. We enjoy innovating with customers by bringing our own R&D into the solutions we build. If you enjoy working with the latest in technology and applying your skills to high-profile customer solutions, Atilika might be a good place for you.

Reasons for joining

  • Leading customers

    We work with leading companies in the fields of publishing and news media, telecommunications and internet service providers, internet retailing and electronics, natural language processing technology providers and search technology vendors in Japan, North America and Europe.

  • Diversity of work

    We are both a product development and consulting company, which means your work will be diverse. You also have a big say in deciding what work you would like to do.

  • Work on open source

    We are big users and proponents of open source software. All our employees are encouraged to contribute to open source software, such as Kuromoji, Lucene, Solr, Hadoop, etc.

  • Freedom and flexibility

    We are a very different Japanese company. We do not have the same rules and regulations as most companies. We offer flexible working hours and you can take 3-4 weeks of consecutive vacation at Atilika. You can also buy any book, software or computer you need for your work.

  • Independence

    We are completely self-funded and independent so we do not have any venture capitalists who tell us what we should do. If we want venture capital, we have been approached by several interested parties.

Job openings

We have the following positions open:

  • Intern Software Engineer

    We are looking for a passionate programmer to join our engineering team in Tokyo for an internship up to 12 months.


  • Business Developer / Sales

    We are looking for a business developer who can help expand our business in both Japan and the United States.


We are always looking for talented engineers. Please do not hesitate writing us at moc.akilita@sreerac for a friendly talk about opportunities.